General Questions

Go to the category of the account you would like to purchase , Add it to cart, and Checkout.

You will get all your account details on your email which you will provide during checkout.

You will get following details:

1.Steam username
2.Steam password
3.Email address
4.Email password

You can change steam password and email linked to the account. You can not change steam username.

You can pay via PayPal or Credit Card.
To pay using Credit Card, Checkout via paypal and you will find an option to pay using credit card. You do not need any paypal account to pay using Credit Card.

Specific Questions

After receiving Account details successfully on the email.

1.Open steam account and check the rank.
2.Once everything is checked, change the email linked to the account to your personal email.
3.Change the account password.

Yes, account is forever yours after buying. :)

If you have special requirements or the account is out of stock then please contact us on our customer support.

Please contact us on our live support or write us at [email protected]